By joining together, our communities are stronger and closer than you might think! For over 40 years, Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA) has provided reliable and economical power supply needs to six (6) member cities including Provo, Spanish Fork, Salem, Manti, Nephi, & Levan. UMPA is a public entity and is governed by the elected Mayors from the member cities. The six electric utility managers form a technical advisory committee and work closely with the governing board and UMPA staff. UMPA supports and offers a full range of services to the member communities as follows:

• Energy services and power supply including renewables products
• Transmission scheduling services
• Generation development and financing
• Legislative action and regulatory compliance for Public Power
• Energy efficiency and renewable programs

By working together through UMPA, the member cities can provide their communities with many benefits such as:

Shared costs in working together to for training, energy efficiency programs, resource acquisitions, equipment, supplies and mutual aid. • Economies of scale over individual efforts by aggregating supply requirements for the cities in power market purchases and self-supply of generation. • Single focus on power supply to members while city resources and staff are spread thinly in managing system reliability, excellent customer services and effective utility operations. UMPA and each city are members of American Public Power Association where the combined vision and goals of over 2,000 Public Power utilities are the same: to deliver superior services through joint advocacy, education, and collaboration.

Our cities and towns may be separated by miles, but together as UMPA, we can do (and have done) great things!

Our Cities


Kat Linford
251 West 800 North
Provo, UT 84601
Phone: 801-852-6886


Rust Finlinson
21 East 100 North
Nephi, UT 84648
Phone: 435-623-0822

Spanish Fork

Jake Theurer
40 South Main
Spanish Fork, UT 84660
Phone: 801-804-4438


Blake DeMill
50 South Main St.
Manti, UT 84642
Phone: 435-835-2401


Jason Worwood
20 North Main St.
Levan, Utah 84639
Phone: 435-623-1959


Adam Clements
30 West 100 South
Salem, UT 84653
Phone: 801-851-0887

Our Programs

There are a lot of opinions about what power sources should be used. Be the change you want to see by choosing to get your power from renewable sources including wind, solar, hydropower, and more.

The future belongs to our kids, so help them understand the impacts of the energy they use. Our fifth-grader program includes an assembly and take-home packet that challenges the whole family.

Did you know that gas-powered mowers and snow-blowers are among the most polluting things we own? Trade that old equipment in for potentially hundreds of dollars toward new electric yard equipment and help clean our air by reducing carbon emissions.

Maintaining your own solar equipment can be a pain, so why not instead benefit from clean energy by tapping into our community solar project located in Spanish Fork. Businesses & residents can subscribe for up to 20 years in flexible allocations.

You were forward-looking and installed your own solar power system. Now find out how to get credits from your power utility when you put your excess power back into the grid.

It’s Net Metering for businesses. If you installed your own solar project on a commercial scale and have more power than you can use, we’d love the chance to buy it from you.

Like the old proverb says: The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Shade trees can reduce home cooling costs by 30 percent. They also protect lawns and reduce watering needs during those blistering summer months. Check to see if you qualify for a free shade tree.