First Time Buyers

First-time Buyers

Did you know running a gas-powered lawn mower for 1 hour emits as much pollution as driving a car more than 196 miles? We want you to buy electric to help save the air. If you don’t own any gas-power yard equipment and want to buy electric, here is a program for you. A qualified electric utility customer that lives in one of these cities can receive a rebate up to for a lesser rebate amount without equipment disposal for new electric-powered equipment.

Yard Equipment

Rebate Without Disposal


Lawnmower $150
Snowblower $150
Grass Trimmer $25
Leaf Blower $25


Step 1. To see if you qualify, you must first apply for the rebate. Step 1 below, the customer must enter some basic information that will be sent to their city’s utility. The utility will check to make sure that you are a residential customer in good standing and have agreed to comply with the terms of the program. Once your applications has been approved, you will receive an email confirming your approval.

step 2. Once approved, the customer may buy the new electric-powered equipment from one of the suggested vendors. These are participating partners. We want you to buy from the local businesses to support our community. They can be very helpful in selecting the right equipment for your need. The rebate may not exceed the purchase price.

Step 3. The last step, the customer will need to upload the receipt of the disposal and the receipt of the new purchase. After all steps have been completed, a rebate check will be sent to the customer’s address.

Step 1: Apply


The first step is to apply for the rebate through your city’s utility. Continue to Step 1 to fill out all the necessary information about yourself and which equipment you plan on exchanging.

Step 2: Purchase

After disposal you may purchase your new electric-powered equipment.  We encourage you to buy from the list of local vendors.

Step 3: Upload


The final step is to upload your proof of disposal and your proof of purchase. After the uploaded information has been received a rebate will be sent to your home address.