Step 4: Upload and File for your Rebate

Step 4 – Rebate Instructions

The final step for the rebate is to upload proof of disposal and proof of purchase and submit them. Both receipts will need to be uploaded. In this step you will also need to include the ID number that was sent to you under Step 1 by the utility.

After your receipts have been verified, a rebate check will be sent by mail to your address. Please allow 4 weeks for the check to arrive before contacting the utility office.


If you have questions, you may contact the following program managers:

Kat Linford
(801) 852-6886
Spanish Fork:
Bailey Anhder
(801) 804-4595
Tammy Beck
(801) 423-2770
Gale Bryan
(435) 632-0276 ext. 203
JoeAnn Otten
(435) 835-2410
Stephanie Wood
(435) 623-1959

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