Step 1: Apply for Rebate

Step 1 – Application Instructions

The first step is to apply for approval through your city’s utility department. Please fill out all fields with your correct information and indicate the equipment to be purchased. Please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions for the program since you must agree to them.

Once your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your application was received.* Your application will be sent to your city’s utility department for approval. You will receive an email when your application is approved. Your confirmation email should arrive within ten (10) business days. The email will contain an Xchange Program ID Number to file for the rebate and a document used for disposal of the equipment.

*Make sure to check your spam folder for confirmation and approval emails.

Yard Equipment

Rebate With Disposal

Lawnmower $300
Snowblower $300
Grass Trimmer $50
Leaf Blower $50

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If you have questions, you may contact the following program managers:

Kat Linford
(801) 852-6886
Spanish Fork:
Marlo Smith
(801) 804-4541
Tammy Beck
(801) 423-2770
Gale Bryan
(435) 623-0822
JoAnn Otten
(435) 835-2401

GreenXchange Program Standard Terms and Conditions

  • Rebate applications will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be offered until funds are depleted. No further application will be accepted once the funds are used. Each electric utility has set aside different amounts for the rebate program.

  • The customer must have a current utility account in their name and be in good standing with the utility department. The customer must also reside in and have a current electric utility account in Provo, Spanish Fork, Salem, Manti, or Nephi, and be in good standing with the utility.

  • The eligible customer is allowed only one rebate per calendar year for one type of equipment in this program. Returning customers are eligible for any other rebates aside from the rebates they have previously received.

  • The rebate amount will be no greater than the amount shown on the table or equal to the purchase price of the equipment & one (1) battery excluding taxes.

  • The rebate is only applicable for new electric-powered equipment only. The customer agrees not to return the yard equipment partially paid by the rebate for a cash refund, store credit, or to purchase any gas-powered equipment with the store unless the customer refunds the amount of the rebate to the city. The customer may exchange the electric equipment for a similar type of equipment with the store without forfeiting the rebate.

  • Proof of disposal. The Xchange document received from the city will allow the gas-powered equipment to be disposed of at the specific disposal site without a fee. The disposal site should stamp the Xchange document and sign it to indicate that the equipment was received and must be uploaded and accompany the rebate application. Returning customers will need a new Xchange document stamped and signed to qualify for the rebate.

  • Proof of Purchase. A dated invoice or sales receipt itemizing the purchased electric yard equipment must accompany each rebate application. The invoice or sales receipt must indicate the manufacturer, brand, model numbers, purchase price, date of purchase, and state sales tax amount paid.

  • The electric utility department and its respective agents reserve the right to verify sales transactions and to have reasonable access to the customer’s residence to inspect the purchase.

  • The application form must be filled out completely, truthfully, and accurately.

  • Within forty-five (45) days from approval, the Customer must submit the rebate application with uploaded images of the signed Xchange document and proof of purchase/sales receipt for the yard equipment. By submitting for the rebate, the Customer agrees that all the information is true and accurate and has conformed to all the terms and conditions for this program.

  • Rebate applications will be processed on a first- come, first-serve basis until the funds are depleted. The funds will be held after approval and guaranteed to the customer if the documents are uploaded and completed within the forty-five (45) days. The Customer should allow about four (4) weeks from the receipt of the completed rebate application to process the rebate. Rebate checks will be sent to the address listed on the customer’s account.