The NatureShade program offers free shade trees to residential customers to help lower cooling costs and energy consumption by shading homes. Besides shade and beautification, trees sequester carbon emissions so they are a great added benefit to our customers and our community!

The 2022 Tree Giveaway is now over. Check back in the summer of 2023 to see when we will be accepting new applications.

What is NatureShade?

Introducing: NatureShade, Shade Trees for Energy Savings. Residents in participating cities could be eligible for a free shade tree to plant next to their home.

We appreciate your interest in contributing to energy conservation and creating a lighter demand on the electrical grid. In addition, planting shade trees are a great way to help clean the air and help our environment!

Benefits of NatureShade

Plant trees strategically around your property to act as a natural air conditioner for your home.

Trees planted in your yard can limit heat from the sun, and reduce cooling costs by 30-50%.

Trees can help save money by reducing the demand for power during the hot summer months.

Lawns shaded by trees also use less water, saving you even more money!

About the NatureShade Program

NatureShade is a program provided by Provo City Power where eligible residential utility customers can apply for a free shade tree to plant on their property in Provo. When planted properly and at full growth, the trees can cast enough shade to keep energy costs down in the home.

In addition to the shade trees having potential of providing energy savings, there are long-term benefits for our community including carbon sequestration, and beautification of our homes and neighborhoods.

Trees Available for NatureShade 2022

The following three trees will be available for pickup (upon approval and first come first served basis) during the scheduled giveaway. These trees have been selected for their growth rate, shade benefits and because they grow well in Utah’s environment.

Norwegian Sunset Maple

HEIGHT 35 ft.
WIDTH 25 ft.
Features leaves that emerge reddish purple and then mature to green. Fall color shades of yellow and orange, sometimes with purples and reds mixed in.

Excellent small landscape tree or street tree.

Royal Raindrops Crabapple

HEIGHT 20 ft.
WIDTH 15 ft.
GROWTH Moderate
Features uniquely shaped leaves that emerge glossy deep purple and maintain their rich color through the heat of the summer. Fall color is a medley of bronze, orange, and purple. Bright red fruits (inedible) appear in late summer.

Heat and drought tolerant, no serious insect or disease problems.

Emerald Sunshine Elm

HEIGHT 35 ft.
WIDTH 25 ft.
Features deeply corrugated leaves that emerge coppery-bronze and mature to glossy green, turning yellow in the fall, sometimes with purple tints on the ends.

Insect resistant and tolerant of heat and drought.

Interested in the NatureShade Program?

The NatureShade program for 2022 is now closed. Please check back next summer to see when we will be accepting applications for the giveaway in 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

The trees offered are in a 7 gallon bucket, and between a 1-2 inch caliber. (Value of the trees average $60-$70 each)

No. The trees are offered on a first come first served basis. No trees will be held or guaranteed. Be sure that you do your own research on each of the trees available and have an idea of your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice.

No. We can get super creative with any means of transportation to get your tree home with you.

Yes, we’ll just verify the approved name/address and have them sign for you.

Please consider having someone else pick up your tree for you, or let us know by September 1st if you won’t be able to make it during the giveaway so that we can offer a tree to someone else on the waiting list. If you can’t make it and don’t make arrangements for someone to pick up a tree for you, you will forfeit your eligibility for the next two years.

The trees we offer are not guaranteed. If the tree dies after you take possession you will have to wait the three years before being eligible for the program again.

No. We only offer a one day event.

Our hopes are that everyone who is approved for a free tree will come and pick up their tree. However, in some cases we may have a handful of trees leftover after the event. In this case, the forestry division will plant them around the city in park strips that need a little extra shade.

At the Provo Power Park Pavilion located at 251 West 800 North.

Yes, you can only get one tree (every third year) per Residential Electric Utility Account.