More and more people today are showing interest in sustainable practices for their homes and businesses. Historically in Utah, most of the energy used to power our homes and businesses has been generated using coal, which is a finite resource and when burned, releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which can have unfavorable environmental consequences.

Today, the energy industry is exploring new ways to generate power for consumers using renewable resources (such as wind, solar, and hydro). However, generating power from these renewable sources is more costly than from the traditional power supplies.

RenewChoice allows energy consumers in certain Utah cities to purchase 100 kWh blocks of power that are from renewable sources. The program allows flexibility for how much of a power customer’s energy portfolio comes from clean energy. Customers may opt in or out at any time (allowing for about 30 days of processing time).


Use the SelectGreen Calculator to estimate your monthly cost of participation and how much of an impact you can make on the environment.

Note: This calculator is designed primarily for residential power customers. Businesses and large organizations may contact their city utility to discuss the benefits and impact of SelectGreen participation and to obtain a quote for the cost of participation.


“What is SelectGreen? SelectGreen from RenewChoice gives every resident the ability to select from zero to 100% of their power, that powers their homes to come from renewable options—and not coal.”

John Curtis

Former Provo Mayor

“This is an exciting program for those residents and businesses that want to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and clean air for a few dollars a month. I encourage you to look into the program at SelectGreen.RenewChoice.com.”

Steve Leifson

Spanish Fork Mayor

“Everyone concerned about air quality or climate change can immediately switch to clean, renewable energy for only a few extra dollars per month. Great program!”

Don Jarvis

Chair, Provo Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee

“Nephi City has committed to support UMPA’s SelectGreen program, which will allow our citizens who have the desire, to look for ways to help protect our environment by being able to purchase renewable energy. This is a very affordable program. A resident can choose to power his home with renewable energy for a small monthly increase on the city’s utility bill. Use the SelectGreen calculator and see what difference you can make to the environment and clean air.”

Mark Jones

Former Nephi City Mayor

“I signed up for 100% and I am so happy that you and your staff have created this way that an individual now can do something concrete to be part of the solution. I hope that many other residents will feel that they can be involved in this program at some level. It seems to me that the greater the demand for clean energy, the more it will be practical for power companies to use a renewable source of energy and build that infrastructure. Good job to everyone that made this possible!”

Sara Hunter

Provo Resident