Terms and Conditions for SharedSolar

  1. The customer must have a current utility account in their name and be in good standing with the utility department (current within 30 days of their billing).
  2. The SharedSolar is a voluntary program for customers who wish to participate in the community solar program offered by the utility.
  3. The rate for residential customers is 10.62 cents per kWh of SharedSolar energy. The rate is comprised of 4 components:
    Solar Generation Block4.42 cents
    Administrative Fee0.48 cents
    Ancillary Services2.17 cents
    Solar Delivery Cost3.55 cents
    Total Cost10.62 cents
  4. The rate for commercial customers is 6.21 cents per kWh of SharedSolar energy. Commercial customers will be charged for the customer peak demand at the utility’s rate for demand services which includes the delivery charge. The rate is comprised of 3 components:
    Solar Generation Block4.42 cents
    Ancillary Services1.31 cents
    Administrative Fee0.48 cents
    Total Cost6.21 cents
  5. The Solar Generation Block rate is fixed for the duration of the life of the project. The project life is expected to be 20 years. After enrolling in the SharedSolar program, customers will remain in the program until they cancel or the end of life of the project.
  6. The other non-generation cost components of the SharedSolar rates are subject to changes over time in accordance to non-generation changes (transmission, distribution, and customer service) approved for recovery in their rates.
  7. Large commercial customers seeking more than 1,500 KW (or 3,600 MWH per year of solar energy) will be classified as SharedSolar II customers. SharedSolar II customers may negotiate a specific duration, additional terms, and conditions as needed. The rate for SharedSolar II and any other terms and conditions are available by contacting the utility.
  8. Customers may purchase 1-KW blocks of SharedSolar from the community solar project and each block will be assigned a fixed energy amount of 200 kWh per month. There are approximately 3,000 – 1 KW blocks available at the SharedSolar project to be shared among the different classes of customers.
  9. Customers may enroll for as many blocks as they want but their number of blocks cannot exceed the lower of the usage for the prior 12 months.
  10. All other rates established by the utility is applicable. SharedSolar customers are subject to the customer service charge per month. SharedSolar energy is to be credited first as the energy supply to the customer utility bill. All other energy tiers and rates are to be applied in the order as established by the utility. Customer utility bills will vary depending on the amount of subscribed SharedSolar energy and customer’s monthly consumption. The customer is responsible for all amounts and charges owed to the utility according to proper utility billing of the fees and services.
  11. Each application to participate in the SharedSolar program will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be offered until the program is fully subscribed. We estimate about 300 to 500 residential customers will be able to participate in the program depending on the number of subscribed blocks. No further application will be accepted once the program is fully committed. However, customers can be placed on a waiting list for future opportunities as blocks become available.
  12. Participating customers must commit to stay within the program for two years. Thereafter, customers will be allowed to make one change per year on the number of subscribed blocks or leaving the program. If a customer desires to make additional changes, the customer may be charged a $25 fee for the service change.
  13. Any Customer leaving the program must wait a year before being permitted to enroll again in the program.
  14. Any customer moving from one utility in the SharedSolar program into another utility that participates in the SharedSolar program may elect to retain their subscribed blocks after giving notice to the utility on its desire to reassign its blocks to another utility. The customer’s name must remain the same in the assignment of the account.
  15. If a customer cancels their participation in the program, the unsubscribed blocks will become available to other interested customers. Customer terminating service with the utility may unsubscribe from the program at the same date as terminating other utility services. However, any cancellation will be effective at the end of a billing period in which the request was made.
  16. The utility will retain the ownership of the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and all other environmental attributes including but not limited to carbon emission reduction credits which will be retired on behalf of the customer. Large commercial customers participating in the SharedSolar II program and any commercial customers may request to have RECs deposited in their accounts with Western Renewable Energy Generation Information Systems (WREGIS) at the customer’s owned expense.
  17. Rates and regulations associated with the utility are approved by the municipal council and are not subject to Public Service Commission.
  18. Customers participating in the SharedSolar program cannot participate in the utility’s net metering program.